Doctoral Certificates

To request a certificate proving that a doctoral degree was awarded, please follow the necessary steps below. 


If your doctoral degree was awarded on or after April 2006, please directly contact the graduate school office where the doctoral degree was conferred.


By the degree holder at the office

As our office has been temporarily closed to help prevent exposure and halt the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please kindly apply by post.  

By post

Please enclose the following three (1 to 3) materials: 

  1. A completed request form (PDF link below) 
  2. A copy of a proof of identity of the degree holder (health insurance card, driving license, passport, etc.) 
  3. A postal order for payment, and a stamped self-addressed envelope. 


Mail all required materials to: 


1-104 Totsuka-machi,Shinjuku,Tokyo 169-8050,Japan

Waseda University Academic Affairs Division
Degree Certificate Issuance 

Request for Certificate of Doctoral Degree Conferment *Request from is only written in Japanese


300 yen(JPY) per certificate

However, in the case of a current doctoral student who has completed his or her course, the fee shall be 200 yen if the application is made before the end of the month in which the degree is completed (the month in which the doctoral degree is awarded)


Academic Affairs Division

TEL 03-3204-8982
E-mail [email protected]

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