An Evening of Kyogen in Los Angeles

The international symposium and workshop “An Evening Kyogen with Mansaku Nomura & Mansaku-no-kai” will be held on May 5 – 9 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). As part of the symposium/workshop, living national treasure Mansaku Nomura (Alumni of the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I and Recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service to Art) and his son, Mansai Nomura, will perform in the event “An Eveninng of Kyogen in Los Angeles.”


In collaboration with UCLA’s Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, “An Evening of Kyogen” aims to disseminate global Japanese studies in the humanities field and promote cultural exchange. It is part of the Tadashi Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities project, established with personal donations by founder of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd., Tadashi Yanai, who is a Waseda University alumnus.

Starring Mansai Nomura, Mansaku Nomura and Yuiko Ishida, the program will feature three short masterpieces: The Owl, The Kawakami Headwaters and Tied to a Stick. A symposium for researchers from Waseda University, UCLA and other institutions will be held, and elementary school students, university students, researchers and the general publish will have the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture through kyogen and participate in workshops.

Information on the symposium and workshops

The following series of events will be held during “An Evening of Kyogen in Los Angeles” for UCLA students and surrounding colleges/universities, researchers based in the United States, Waseda alumni living in the area, elementary school children, LA residents and invitees.

An Evening of Kyogen with Mansaku Nomura & Mansaku-no-Kai

Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7 at 5PM

Other Events

  • “Living Kyogen” – lecture by Living National Treasure Mansaku Nomura, presented by the Yanai Initiative at UCLA and Waseda University
  • Symposium “Japanese Theater and Theater Studies in a Global Age” – An international symposium presented by the Yanai Intiative Japanese Performing Arts Program
  • Masterclasses with Yukio Ishida and Mansai Nomura

and more

Contact information

Administrative Office, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University
Phone number: 03-3203-4381

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