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May 30th (Thu)
Zero Garbage Day

On May 30th (Zero Garbage Day), WISH residents participated in garbage picking and cleaned our neighborhood with community members.
Here are the feedback from 2 residents who joined this campaign.

I participated in the Nakano-ku Zero Garbage Day campaign for a simple reason to make the Nakano town where I live cleaner. However, I gained a lot of things which were come to my mind more than I expected by cleaning up this town and it was a very meaningful time.

During the rubbish pick up, I felt an inclination extend my cordial and grateful regards to the people who always keep Nakano clean. Also, most of all, the happiest thing was to be able to do meaningful activities with WISH residents. I realized that the more the rubbish bag I had going to full, the more I can felt that my heart was going to full of happiness in proportion.

The way back from school to WISH was very clean and beautiful on that day. If there is another chance like this, I want to participate again very actively and contribute to the local community.      (P.H.)

The reason why I wanted to participate in the Zero Garbage Day campaign was that I saw several broken plastic umbrellas lying around the roadside when heavy rain and strong winds hit Nakano town.

I couldn’t understand why people just throw it away on the street just because those were broken. However, I also felt that maybe other rubbish such as cigarette end, empty cans, and plastic bottles on a road might made people thought of throw it away.

By participating in the Zero Garbage Day campaign, I could see the road I always pass become clean and it was a pleasant thing. Thus, I want to encourage more people with different generations to participate in this campaign.     (M.K.)


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