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December 18th (Tue)
Heiwa no Mori elementary school visit

No sooner had I seen the event of the chance to communicate with the local elementary school students than I signed up for it. It says we get to visit elementary school and interact with 5th grade students, as well as experience Japanese school lunch together. Without a doubt, this event will take place all in Japanese, so for me who came to Japan 3 months ago and studying in English, I knew it would be challenging but it was so interesting that I decided to join.

On December 18th, I visited Heiwa No Mori elementary school along with 2 other WISH residents. As we arrived, school principal welcomed us so we did short self-introduction and enjoyed conversation. Soon after, some students came to escort us to each classroom. While climbing up the stairs, I saw a tall man smiling gently and welcoming me. He was the homeroom teacher.

After a brief talking, everyone entered the classroom and lifted the curtain on this event. As I mentioned, I was a bit nervous to communicate in Japanese. However, something unexpected happened. I thought the students would be shy but every student was positive and willing to chat with me and seemed enjoying this event a lot. At first, they let me sit in front of the classroom and asked questions. Students seemed curious about me, the special guest from Taiwan. The questions were including my favorite color, food, the reason for coming to Japan and about Taiwan.

After that, students invited me to play some games they have prepared for this event. Although those were just some simple activities, I could still feel that how they valued this event. Lastly, we had lunch together. They made an orderly line and take their lunch plate back to their seat in order. Even in this short period, some of active students kept chatting with me as well as asking various and cute questions, such as about my family members and my favorite Christmas gift. I went through a delight lunch time with such cute students.

Thanks to the event, I seized the precious chance to interact with the local elementary students and improve my Japanese proficiency. It was a precious moment because not only did the students join the activity positively, but I also enjoyed this great opportunity from the bottom of my heart. I really hope that there are still a plenty of chances like this and I would love to participate in such a meaningful event again.



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