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Feb. 13th (Tue)-14th(Wed)
Factory WITS Tour

“WITS tour” is an experience where you can see how some Japanese corporations operate, the concept of the tour was studying Japanese firms’ “wits” which survives the present day.

You will see how firms, both big and small, adapt and overcome the challenges they face to stay as successful as they have been in the past. We, 34 WISH residents were visited 4 different companies, and the first was Hamano Products, where we were introduced to how a small manufacturing firm innovates. Asahi News, JFE Steel and Yamato Transport followed, which all had their long history of success.

We were given a guided tour through their factories: newspaper printing, steel production and parcel sorting and delivery. The speed and efficiency of all these processes were astounding and shows how the infrastructure of these factories varies between them. I feel that this tour was very helpful to learn what kind of values these companies hold and how they are trying to play a more global role as well as expanding their focus onto other areas, to improve both of the environment and their neighborhood.

WITS is not just about learning from these companies, but also learning from your peers. We stayed over at the Waseda Kamogawa seminar house and were greeted with a great view of the town and night skies. There was plenty of opportunity to talk to other WISH residents, share our goals and plans for the future with them, and hear their opinions. Overall, I think WITS was a very exciting and interesting experience, and I do recommend you to give it a try next year.


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