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Dec. 10th (Sat)
Christmas Party

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year where people celebrate their holidays together with their family and friends. As WISH is an international community, there wouldn’t be a Christmas without a fun Christmas event to celebrate together. The event started as people were gathered together and were split into groups.

This was my first Christmas event to participate in WISH and even though I have been living here for the past 6 months, I was still able to meet new people. After our introductions in the groups, the first game started. Each group had to make a “snowman” using given materials (card box, markers, ropes etc.) within a limited time and that each person in the group could use only one hand. The game tested each of our creativity as a group which led to very amusing results. All the groups had their own unique snowman designs, and everyone could vote for their favorite. We had a short break afterwards and the food was amazing.

During the break, we had performers who would come up to sing Christmas songs to lighten up more of the Christmas spirit and I was one of them. It was really nerve wrecking at first because it was my first time singing in front of so many people in WISH but as I sing, I remain calm and just sang my heart out for the entertainment. At the end, we all had a laugh as I messed up some of the lyrics.

For the finale, we had a game where each group was asked trivia questions about Christmas. Of course, we were all like “How hard can it be?” and underestimated the difficulty because they were mostly hard to answer, but that was a fun challenging game to test our knowledge about Christmas and plus, we got to learn new things that we didn’t know either. By the end of the day, I got to meet new people, tried new experiences, and learned new things, and it was a wonderful event. I’m looking forward to attending future events like this soon.

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