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Dec. 5th (Tue)
Tonoyama Elementary School Visit

The whole event was divided into three sessions; Japanese culture presentation by the kids, introduction of Japanese traditional children’s games, and Kyusyoku with students in class.

In the Japanese culture presentation session, students introduced Japanese martial arts, the food culture in Japan, and different styles of Kimono with interactive quizzes and demonstrations. Although this is my second year to be in Japan, I still learned a lot of new things during the presentation. In the traditional children’s game session, we were divided into groups with the students and played Japanese traditional games together.

Through the games, I found differences and similarities between Japanese culture and my culture in Taiwan. During the Kyusyoku with kids, both the students and I had a chance to know more about each other. With eyes filled with curiosity, the kids were not afraid to reach out, so I received a various questions ranging from my country to myself.

Spending half of a day with elementary schoolers is actually a nice idea while being in the midst of heavy school work. I would like to thank the students and teachers at Tonoyama Elementary School for the great effort they put in this event. It is definitely an event that I would never regret to participate in.

SILS 2nd year P.C.

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