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Nov. 9th (Thurs)
Guest Teacher @Nakano junior high school

WISH Residents visited Nakano junior high school (just few minute walk from our dormitory) for being a guest teacher for international communication class.

Although I have been teaching different groups of people for many times, it’s the very first time for me to teach in English. I practiced several times for it and then came the day. To be honest, I was not nervous at all. Everything went as planned!

It turned out that what we presented was interesting for the students. For example, we asked the students to match Chinese food with its Chinese name. They were really into it, discussing and laughing. We also introduced simplified Chinese characters and compared them with kanji in Japanese. The task was to figure out the corresponding simplified Chinese character with the kanji. Even though these characters differed a lot, it surprised me that students did a great job.Some of the questions asked by the students were amazing. It’s good for students at this age to care about other countries, not only their own. Furthermore, the photo session in the end is great.


It was a wonderful experience for me and I will treasure this precious memory.

School of Political Science and Economics, 1st year 1st year Q.D.

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