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Shizuoka amazing tea tour & Green Tea Seminar

In the end of this summer holiday (September 16-17th), we had a great 2 days field trip visiting Kikugawa city in Shizuoka prefecture where is known as the birthplace of deep steamed green tea and had a green tea seminar back in WISH in the following Friday.

During these two events, we have expanded our green tea knowledge to a whole new level by listening to experts of green tea and having the experience by ourselves in the tea making processes.

We had made special memories in tea-picking, tea-rolling, factory touring and of course tea tasting in the field trip because these are the activities that we would hardly have the opportunity to try in daily life. It was interesting to learn something like the first cutting leaves from the season are the best or there is such a gap between the price of hand rolling leaves and machine’s.

I really enjoyed the part at the dinner party (with very delicious food!) when staffs from different departments who we met or did not meet in the morning shared their ideas of tea, their goals or even just simply their feelings about working in this agricultural industry with us.I can feel the pride and satisfaction among them that they have the power to introduce Japanese green tea to the world.

Gathering and Talk with farmers at Kikugawa city center

The tea seminar in WISH was also very interesting. We had the chance to taste different types of tea and got to learn about the history of Japanese green tea, water temperature they required, tea making steps and manner in tea ceremony. It was such a wonderful feeling when I start recognizes the different between Sencha and bancha or realizes matcha is actually not as sweet as the matcha dessert that we usually have.

These kinds of events provide us the chances to understand Japanese culture by eyes, by hands and by our heart. The Japanese tea culture has certainly become livelier, beyond something that I used to learn in the text book as a foreigner and hoping to know more about them in the future.

SILS 1st year T.K.

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