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Jul. 2nd (Sun) Tanabata party

We had a Tanabata party! I got to help with the event as a supporter this time. The theme of the party, obviously was Tanabata. But we put a twist to it by having Ennnichi as second theme!

The place was decorated with stars and bamboo grass with little pieces of paper with everyone’s Tanabata wishes written on them. There were also lanterns to match the Ennnichi theme.

19599009_1911375432458227_3026300913711478716_nThe place was filled with the Tanabata spirit. As everyone gathered in bright colours, wearing traditional Japanese dresses, we began the party with a fun gesture game as ice breaking. It was sometimes difficult that some of the gestures were so weird and funny. The room ended up laughing and bonding with people you have already known and did not know.

IMG_0399After that we had some Ennnichi themed food like yakisoba and chocolate bananas. Then, we played another original game made by the supporters, danced in a circle to Japanese music and ended the party with a big smile on everybody’s face. Through this event, I got to plan the party, decorate the room and cook the food as a supporter. I had an invaluable experience meeting new people and getting so much inspiration from them. Now I gained a lovely memory of the Tanabata party thanks to all the people that left the party with a big smile saying it was so much fun.

School of Political Sciences 1st year H.T.


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