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June. 11th (Sun)
WISH Sports Event

On June 11th, Sunday, 133 WISH residents joined sports festival called “WISH Olympic games”. WISH Olympic game was organized by the RAs (resident assistants) and the event supporters from WISH and it was held at Waseda University’s Tokorozawa campus. All the WISHers (students living in WISH are called like this) were divided into four groups according to their block color, magenta, green, blue, and yellow.

Image uploaded from iOS (15)We came up with 8 unique events that many people could enjoy participating. In the morning, we did an “Ice Break” to get to know the member in our team. After that, we went on doing long rope jumping, obstacle race, basketball. In the afternoon we played dodgeball, multiple legged run, cavalry battle, and the last event was Swedish relay. As the games went on, each team was more strongly bound as the team members cooperated to win.

It was such an invaluable experience being an event supporter because I had a chance to challenge new things.For example, I was in charge of writing the publicity article for the event, and I was one of the team leaders. It wasn’t easy preparing for the event since there were a lot of things to discuss, but by working with other supporters, we could end up the event in success.

In the end of the day, I felt like WISH events had the power to remove the barriers between boys, girls, Japanese, and many other nationalities. I hope this trend to continue and WISH events to make residents have an opportunity to communicate with more people.

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