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Nov.15th (Tue)
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Eradication of Dangerous Drug Convention

『Eradication of Dangerous drug Convention(危険ドラッグ撲滅都民大会)』 not only taught us the knowledge about drugs, but also demonstrated how well Japanese government explains its policy to the people.

First of all, the event was organized to teach the public about the danger of drugs. However, instead of being like a tedious lecture, the event was actually a combination of Japanese idol culture, Japanese talk show style and concert. Of course, these elements are all surrounding the backbone, fighting drugs, but in a way that even college students can have fun while learning about drugs.

Compared to some similar events in my hometown, this event was much more interesting and creative in its way of teaching, and still remains informative and understandable for the public of all ages. This way, we find these contents about drugs more absorbable and learn with much fun.

Second, the event was also about some findings and achievements that Tokyo Policy Department has done for the past few years. For example, people around 30s in fact statistically tend to take drugs much easier than other ages, in contrast to our original understanding that 10s or 20s might be because they are much younger and probably psychologically immature. The reason why 30s fall into victims of drugs could be the stress from working and the better economic condition than 20s.

This information is all packaged in a form of Japanese talk show between the famous host and Japanese girl idol group. In the end, we have famous singers, who are anti-drug ambassadors, finishing up the event by performances.

with Pi-Po kun, the mascot character of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

To sum up, this event allows us to see how Japanese government delivers its messages to the people in such an intriguing and approachable way, and show us what the police have found and done in recent years. Indeed, this experience changes our stereotype about how events held by governments and teaches us more about the danger of drugs. Perhaps, this event would, in turn, enable us to figure out how to hold an interesting event back to our hometown.

SILS 2nd year,  J.Y.

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