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Sep. 25th (Sun)
Otsuma Nakano junior&senior high school festival

Firstly, I would like to give Otsuma Nakano Junior High School and High School my greatest thanks for inviting students from WISH to attend this wonderful event. The Global Arts Festival, as the name implies, was an event dedicated to share various aspects of Japanese and other popular cultures to the community in a fun and engaging manner.

The event took place on the 25th of September, with the school’s students turni ng out to staff the event on a Sunday. After gathering at the school, we were escorted to a classroom to be organized into small groups and to be given IDs for the event. My group was given a tour of the festival by two students of the school. Our tour guides were energetic, communicative, and very informative; we had fun discussions about student life in a Japanese middle-high school and life overseas in places such as the US and Australia.

I had a particularly fun time talking to our guides while eating a sweet and delicious chocolate cream crape bough t at a vender behind the school. As time passed by, we were taken to the gymnasium to attend a performance by the all famous chorus team of the school. The chorus team won a national championship to be ranked as number one in Japan, and sure enough, their performance was absolutely amazing.

After the performance, we we re given a presentation about student life at Otsuma and a very impressive welcome reception by the students in English, Chinese, and Korean. The session continued with a quiz about Japanese folk and modern culture. Questions were difficult , but as Waseda students we were able to answer all questions correctly! Afterwards, we were given time to freely explore and experience the festival.

The quality and effort put into each venue by the students were something to be admired a bout. Each classroom was converted to small event center with various themes and  activities. Overall, I had an excellent experience at the festival. Thank you a gain, students, faculty, and teachers of Otsuma Nakano Junior High School and High School for the wonderful time you have given us. It will remain in my memory as one of the greatest experience I had in Japan.


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