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June. 12th (Sun)
WISH Sports Event

June 12th was the WISH Sports Event, one of the biggest events in the dorm. Around 150 students woke up early and went to Tokorozawa campus to participate in the event.

Participants were divided into 4 teams, depending on which block they live in. They competed for points in 6 contests; steeplechase, jump rope, prisoner’s base, basketball, catch the tail, and the relay. They also enjoyed dodge ball after lunch.

Every event was very exciting with teams waving their team’s colorful flags, cheering for their teammates competing in the events. This event also allowed residents to become friends with other dorm mates who live on other floors.

I was a supporting member for this event.  I learned many things and I was impressed by the positive and friendly character of WISH students. I saw many smiles on people’s faces that day, and it left me knowing that I had accomplished my job as an event supporter.

(School of Culture, Media and Society  K.M)

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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