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May. 15th (Sun)


The visit to Showa Kinen Park was the very first outing event since the start of 2016 school year. The event took place on the 15th of May, which was an alternative date to the cancelled April event due to poor weather. The event started off with an ice-breaking session for everyone, including simple introductory games such as “Find your similarities” and a game that required dancing to Irish music. Through those games, we were able to bond with our fellow group members. The ice-breaker is followed with a free-and-easy lunch and games session. There were various games, mostly sports, provided by the RAs such as volleyball, soccer, and frisbee. After lunch, we embarked on the Photo Scavenger Challenge, where we had the opportunity to enjoy strolling through a warm, sunny day at the park. The challenges include taking weird pictures of ourselves at the park, interviewing foreigners, and searching for the hidden Waseda Bear (Mascot of Waseda University). Originally, there was supposed to be around 300 people at the event, but only around 50 people showed up (perhaps due to the change of date). In a way, the smaller grouping allowed us to get to know one another even better. Another opportunity to befriend WISH residents of different floors, a stress-free day to take a quick escape from the hectic urban life of Tokyo in the luscious green Tachikawa.

(School of International Liberal Studies, E.C.)

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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