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Feb.6th (Sat)
Graduation Party

On Feb.6, there was the Graduation Party at WISH! During the event, participants collectively made a graduation memento in which future dreams and each one’s hand print were folded up, enjoyed mini costume plays, and watched the message video for the graduates. Especially, the graduation memento turned out to be a wonderful creation because it was representing unique characters of each graduate by means of additional decorations like drawings. Put differently, it was a representation of who they are now, as well as who they will be in the future. Even though it was quite uncertain as to how we could design this event from scratch, having seen everyone spending great time together, RAs who were working to hold this event seemed assured that they made a great success! When we conducted an interview to a student M who shared his speech as the WISH graduate, it was impressive. He answered as follows when asked about his plan after leaving WISH: “I’m going to keep on doing my best to achieve the goals I set for myself. With all the things I learned through the SI program, which has continually motivated and encouraged me to go beyond my best, I will continue to enrich the rest of my student life by actively engaging in both club activity and school work.” It was when I felt assured that the graduation is not the end but the start of their new lives at new places, which are to be more challenging, yet fulfilling. In sum, I think that Feb.6 was a fantastic day when people gathered to celebrate each other’s start of new life.

(School of Political Science and Economics, Y.O.)

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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