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Dec.20th (Sun)
Christmas Party

The second annual WISH Christmas Party took place on December 20th! There were many events including cake decorating and WISH King this year! First the venue opened and everyone was assigned to random seats in order to meet new people from the dorm! The first event was cake decorating, but this was just not an ordinary cake decorating event… Every group had to play a mini game and those who won received good decorating materials while the losing teams received the not so good materials. Regardless, some of the losing teams shone through with their creativity and artistic skill, making a masterpiece with their limited decor and cake! After cake decorating was a Christmas dinner including homemade quiche, minestrone soup, and fancy finger food that everyone could eat while enjoying each others companies and talking to old and new friends, creating a warm homey atmosphere. After dinner was the last event. The second annual WISH King! This event involved contestants trying to wear frozen t-shirts and doing kabe-don while having spicy sauce in their mouths. This event had so many unpredictable results and kept everyone either surprised, laughing, or having fun. Through this year’s Christmas event I believe that it really gave a boost to everyone’s Christmas spirit! It was truly enjoyable!

(School of International Liberal Studies, L.B.)

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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