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Sep.25th (Fry)
SI orientation

The SI orientation held specially on September 25th was a spectacular and exclusive insight to the infinite possibilities that awaits us students when we graduate. In just a couple of hours, my fellow dorm-mates and I were able to experience a new outlook of our capabilities as future graduates of Waseda University. Three guest speakers, all very successful and youthful, emitted an aura of confidence that struck me. The orientation consisted of a small presentation by the guest speakers and a question and answer session. What left the most impact for me personally was the third guest speaker. She had started up her own company and it was it felt empowering and also fueled my aspirations to become a member of society like her as a fellow female. Her words; “Don’t rely on anyone, just rely on yourself.” is something that I sensed great wisdom in; a great asset that I had gained as a result of this orientation. Just like me, I feel each student who attended the orientation was able to take home a piece of advice or insight from the different guest speakers who came that day.I interpreted the orientation as a motivational session for aspiring students who wish to be especially successful business owners or simply want to choose the best career path in the future. This conference defined the essence of what it was to be a part of Waseda University for me. In being able not just redefine my own aspirations but also my own identity as a student, this conference gave all the freshmen a taste of the whole objective of the SI program, to nurture young students to be thoughtful and ambitious adults.
Nearing the end of the program, several students who took internships after attending the SI programs last year talked about their experiences overseas and outside of Tokyo. Not only did it seem as a great experience, just as importantly, it looked fun. After attending the orientation, I can confidently say I look forward to the SI program classes in the future.

(School of Political Science and Economics, D.M.)

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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