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【For Student Entering the Dormitory in September 2021】Result Announcement of Waseda International Student House, WISH

Below is the list of Registration Number of the applicants who are admitted to WISH. Please understand that we do not answer any questions regarding screening process.

For those who are admitted to WISH

【Contract Period 1.5 years from September 9, 2021 to March 7, 2023】

The resident may not cancel the contract in the middle of living period except for the reason of studying abroad or military service.

Residence Life Center will inform the successful applicants about the detail schedule for entering the dormitory on the entrance documents.

WISH_September 2021 Admissions_Result

A packet of entrance documents (such as the contract, the necessary payment information, and information of the designated company for bringing in luggage)

The packet is planned to be sent on July 28 (Wed), 2021. We will send to a mailing address of applicant himself / herself which the applicant registered on the Online Request Form. If you wish to change the mailing address  Please contact us at 「[email protected]」 by July 27th (Tue)(JST).


Regarding movies that introduce WISH

Please check the web movies of WISH that introduce a residential room, the unit, and so on, before you return the necessary entrance documents.

Designated move-in date for WISH

Please move-into WISH on designated dates below.
Thursday, September 9th or Friday September 10th    10am-5pm  

*「Notice for prospective residents who are currently living abroad and may have immigration restriction in Japan」(Those who DO NOT HAVE a Japanese nationality)

・ For those who have signed the dormitory contract, regardless of whether or not you actually moved into the dormitory, in general, the dormitory fee will be incurred from the designated move-in date.
・ In the packet which is planned to be sent to you from tomorrow, there is a online questionnaire regarding move-in date. For those who are entering Japan from overseas and cannot move-in on the designated dates due to immigration restrictions in Japan, please indicate so on the questionnaire. We are planning to consider the dormitory fee for those who answer to another questionnaire which will be sent later on (only to applicable persons) within its deadline.
・ If you are anxious about group life in the dormitory in consideration of the current situation of coronavirus infection, please do not submit the dormitory contract that will be sent to your registered address later, but report your desire of withdrawal through below inquiry form.

For those who are not admitted to WISH

If you did not apply for WID or Recommended Dormitories your second choice and need information of dormitories and private apartments, please refer to the following student housing options and contact them directly:


(Email) [email protected]
(TEL) 0120-88-1030(Free dial within Japan) 03-5295-7791(From overseas)  (English/Chinese available)

(TEL) 03-3941-7446  (English available)

(Email) [email protected]
(TEL) 03-3662-5805

(Email) [email protected]
(TEL) 03-3200-1030



They are an associated company invested 100% by Waseda University. They have provided huge number of accommodations to students with lower commission fee.

(Email) [email protected] (English available)
(TEL) 03-5285-3016


Resident Life Center office will be closed from August 7th to 16th. We will reply you on/after August 17th in case we received any inquiries during this period. If you have any other questions, please contact from 「Contact」page on the Residence Life Center website.

Thank you.

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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