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Postponement on the day to move in the dormitory (Operated by Waseda University & Affiliated Companies)

We have an important announcement for those who applied for the dormitories as below.


■Those who have applied for the following student dormitories

– Waseda University Student Dormitory: WISH, Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory

– Waseda University Affiliated Dormitory: WID, Espoir Mejiro


First, check the following documents:


”Postponement on the day to move in the dormitory”




*Reference: New schedule for WISH

0)March 9th  PM: Result announcement on WEB site

1)March 18th: Room Number Announcement (★Postponed form March 11th)

2)Postponed: Move in Package sending (★Postponed from March 16th&17th)

3)Cancelled: March 24th WISH Entrance Ceremony, All other events held in March

4)<After> April 1st: Designated move in date & Orientation (planned to set the date by faculty)

*There is a possibility that we set the move in date later than April 1st. We will set the schedule which does not affect your class attendance.

** We recommend that you cancel your flight ticket and issue it when you know the date of moving into your dorm.


■About date of entrance and dormitory Fee

We will inform you of date of moving and dorm fee after mid-March.
Please contact the following e-mail address or phone number.



・Residence Life Center of Waseda University(WISH, Higashi-fushimi)

[email protected]

・Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd (Waseda University International Dormitories (WID) or Dormy)

(Email) [email protected]

(TEL) 0120-88-1030(Free dial within Japan) 03-5295-7791(From overseas) [English/Chinese available]

・Waseda University Property Management Corp. (Espoir Mejiro [for Women])

(Email) [email protected]

TEL 03-3208-9622

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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