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【For Incoming Students Admitted in September 2019】Supplemental Supports of Rent Guarantee Fees for International Students

To promote further innovation – The “Waseda Goes Global” Plan under the mid and long-term management “Waseda Vision 150”, the Residence Life Center of Waseda University will carry out support equivalent to rent guarantee fees* (up to 20,000 yen) for international students, who enroll in Waseda University through September 2019 admission.

*Rent Guarantee Fees
There are so many cases that require finding a joint guarantor to complete rental agreement when an international student moves in to a rental accommodation in Japan. However, it is difficult to find a guarantor soon after students come to Japan. Therefore, in order to complete the rental agreement, majority of international students make sure of rent guarantee system. The amount of annual guarantee fee is 30 percent of the monthly rent, which is generally required to pay fees for amount of 2 years at the time of completing the rental agreement.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following 4 qualifications:

  1. Must be an international student of Waseda University, who will start enrollment in September, 2018
  2. Must be a student who wishes to move in to the accommodation which is under specific conditions, operates by our related company Waseda University Property Management Corp.,
  3. Must be a student who belongs to either of the following categories:
    A. A student who needs financial aid (who wish to move in to underpriced accommodation), or
    B. A student who wishes to actively interact with Japanese (who wish to move in to the accommodation such as a shared house).

Number of Students Supported

15 students (approximately)


(1)    Students who wish to receive this support must apply through the Residence Life Center
(2)    The Residence Life Center will screen students to determine those eligible to receive the support, and issue the certificate (Notice of Allowance).
(3)    Students requests Student Housing Center operated by our related company Waseda University Property Management Corp. to find your appropriate accommodation. At the time, you have to tell the Student Housing Center that you have the Notice of Allowance.
(4)    Students complete the contract procedures through Student Housing Center.
(5)    Students apply for this subsidy to the Residence Life Center after entering the University.
(6)    Equivalent of rent guarantee fees (up to 20,000 yen, actual cost) will be paid into student’s own bank account.



Method of Application

Please fill in all the necessary information on the Web application form. All the blanks must be filled in either Japanese or English.

【Web application form】

Necessary information
1. Name in English / 2. Country of Your Citizenship / 3. Gender / 4. Date of Birth / 5. Admission Number / 6. Name of School or Graduate School / 7. E-mail address / 8. Reason for the application (Either 300 Japanese words or 150 English words) / 9. Agreement for providing application information for Waseda University Property Management Co.

Application Deadline

8th August (Thu.), 2019


The Residence Life Center, Waseda Univeristy

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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