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Company Housings

Undergraduate students' Housing

Through the kindness of Japanese private companies, they offer rooms of their employees’ housings to international students. All rooms are single bedrooms, and they offer lower cost dormitory fees and meal plans (breakfast and dinner) compared to other accommodations. However, most of them are only for single male students (there are some housings for female). Each dormitory has a rule and residents must follow their rules.

Application procedure

Application for company housings is available depending on the vacancies. The application information will be announced via Waseda net-Portal on an as-needed basis. There is document screening and interview by Waseda University, and then, document screening and interview by companies.

Graduate students' Housing

Owing to the goodwill of Japanese companies to ease the financial burden on international students with good academic standing, their company dormitories are offered to eligible international students.

Compared to other accommodations, dormitory fees/charges and meal plans (breakfast and dinner) are at much preferable terms. Vacancies are notified via Waseda-net portal on an as-needed basis, and some restrictions may apply. Most occupancies are available to single, male students.

Must be fluent in Japanese.

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