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Self Management Seminar

Waseda University request all faculty and staff members to participate in a series of instructional seminars, collectively entitled, “Self Management Seminar for Faculty and Staff”. The contents of these on-demand seminars are viewable through Course [email protected], in line with the University’s effort to prevent recurring misconduct such as divulging of information, violation of research ethics or harassment.

Outline of the "Self Management Seminar"

  1. For: Teaching and administrative staff
  2. Format: Full on-demand using Course [email protected] (e-learning)
  3. Contents:
    (1) Information Security Seminar and Test Questions(General Affairs Division)
    (2) Seminar on Academic Research Ethics  and Test Questions (Research Promotion Division)
    (3) Seminar on Harassment Prevention and Test Questions(Personnel Division)
  4. How to access the seminars
    (1) Log in to My Waseda.
    (2) Select “Course [email protected]” from the menu in the left pane.
    (3) From the list displayed under “Course [email protected],” select “Course [email protected](Standard)”.
    (4) Select “Self Management Seminar for Faculty and Staff” from the list of
    “My Courses”.

*All the video contents of each seminar must be viewed via
Course [email protected] and all the “Test Questions” must be answered correctly.

*In case MyWaseda is not available, you could use Course [email protected] by using the alternative login.
<Course [email protected]
Login URL:
Login ID: Waseda Mail address ([email protected]
Password: MyWaseda password

※If you have completed the current “Self Management Seminar” (updated April 2019), you do not need to retake the course until the next update (April 2021).


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