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Research Ethics Education Courses for Researchers

In accordance with the Rules for Preventive Measures against Research Misconduct and the Investigation Procedures (Article 6-1-1), the University requires that researchers at Waseda take the required research ethics education courses. Instructions on how to take a course and report to Waseda University are given below.

Research Ethics Education Courses

To fulfill the research ethics education requirement, researchers at Waseda University must complete one of research ethics education courses (1) ,  (2) and (3), described below. The certificate of course completion is treated as valid for 5-academic year(including the course completion academic year).

Courses Notes Reporting Method
(1) [eL CoRE] e-Learning Course on Research Ethics provided by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • An English version of this course is available.
  • Average completion time: 90 minutes.
  • Researchers are required to register to obtain an account by themselves via the following website, so that they can take the course (free of charge).

[eL CoRE] e-Learning Course on Research Ethics

Please send a pdf version of your certificate of completion to the Research Management Section (send to [email protected]).
(2) APRIN e-Learning Program’s “Responsible Conduct of Research”e-learning course
  • There is an English version.
  • Completion time: two to three hours
  • If you wish to take this course, please contact the Research Management Section and provide them with the following registration information: your name, affiliation, faculty/staff ID number, and e-mail address (send to [email protected]).

APRIN e-Learning Program

(3) Course [email protected] “Research ethics” course for researchers
  • Completion time: four to five hours
  • It is necessary to view all video content and pass the comprehension test.
There is no need to report the completion of the course since the Research Promotion Division will assemble all course data in one batch.
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