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Academic Research Ethical Review Committee

About Academic Research Ethical Review Committee


  • Planning and implementation of academic research ethics related publicity, training and education for researchers.
  • Collection and analysis of information related to academic research ethics both domestically and internationally.
  • Surveys related to misconduct by researchers.

Committee Members

  • Committee members elected by the faculties: 9
  • External committee members with expertise in law, accounting and academic research ethics: 2
  • Executive directors and Deans: 4

Total: 15


Our Initiatives

(1)Ethics seminars for researchers

1.On-demand training for faculty members and teaching staff

Waseda University supplies on-demand training media to researchers to educate and inform them on their responsibilities when conducting research. The training media outlines what constitutes research misconduct and the University’s initiatives against misconduct.
All faculty members and teaching staff are encouraged to partake in the training via Course [email protected]
For more details, please refer to ‘Research Ethics’ for Faculty Members and Teaching Staff.


2007 Research Activities and Copyright
—The basics of copyright law for researchers—
Speaker: Professor Ryu Takabayashi, Faculty of Law
2008 Scientists and Research Ethics
—How to Avoid Involvement in Research Misconduct—
Speaker: Professor Haklak Rockbill, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences
2009  Fostering Honesty, Accuracy, Efficiency and Objectivity in Research: The Role of Universities
Speaker: Dr. Nicholas H. Steneck, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
Consultant to Federal Office of Research Integrity
2014 Ethical Issues when Submitting Papers
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth(Liz)Wager
Former Chair, Committee on Publication Ethics(COPE)
2019 Lecture on “Predatory Journals/Publishers”
Speaker: Satoru Nogami, Senior Research Administrator, Office for Advancement of Research Administrators, the University of Tokyo

(2)Ethics Education for Students

With the goal of facilitating better student understanding of research ethics, the University offers the open education subject ‘Introduction to Research Ethics — for prospective researchers’.
In addition to graduate students, third and fourth year undergraduates are also eligible to take the subject from 2010.

Subject Name Introduction to Research Ethics — for prospective researchers—
Semester, Credit and Delivery Summer quarter and Winter quarter, two credits, full on-demand(e-learning) via Waseda Moodle
Location Global Education Center
Details The subject consists of a total of 15 lectures delivered by both internal and external experts on topics concerning research ethics.
For more details, please refer to the Research Ethics syllabus “Introduction to Research Ethics.”

(3)Publication of the Academic Research Ethics Guide

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