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Teach children about other cultures! ICC Outreach Program @Nishi Nakano Elementary School (Nov. 19) ▶Deadline 11/3, 9am

I’m interested in telling people about my culture
I’m thinking of teaching after graduation
I want to try a volunteer activity
I want to make new Japanese friends
I like kids

If this sounds like you, then sign up for the ICC Outreach Program! 

The ICC Outreach program pairs International students with students from Japan to help foster intercultural understanding in the local community. Each pair creates a lesson about the international student’s culture then presents it at a local Japanese school.

At the orientation ICC will explain details of the program and provide sample materials. Afterward, you and your partner will work together to prepare, practice and then present the lesson.

School: Nishi Nakano Elementary School

Date & Time: November 19 (Fri) 1:30 – 2:35pm

Audience: 1st to 6th grade elementary school students 

Program Schedule:

Nov 5 (Fri) 12:20-12:50pm  Orientation @Zoom
Nov 12 (Fri) 1:00-2:30pm   Lesson Plan Review Meeting @Zoom
Nov 19 (Fri) 1:30-2:35pm    Lesson Day  (equipment check from 1:30)

*Under ICC’s current COVID-19 policy, this lesson is planned to be held online. If the policy changes, ICC may consult with you about visiting the school in person.

*Participation is required at all scheduled times. In addition, it is necessary to meet several times with your partner in order to plan, prepare and practice the lesson. You can do this online via Zoom, LINE, etc. 


Waseda Students who are able to participate in all meetings and lessons, and perform the required duties


2 International students & 2 Japanese students

To Apply

Register via MyWaseda


Nov 3 (Wed) 9:00am, results announced the same day


Participants will be chosen based on their application and requests from the host school 

Participant Responsibility

Although this is a volunteer program, participants will be teaching a school lesson at a scheduled time, so dropping out of the program or being late is not acceptable.

Participant Experiences

International student’s perspective: “Great experience, teaching and being taught” 
Japanese student’s perspective: “Looking back on the Outreach program


TEL: 03-5286-3990

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