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Event Report: Looking back on the Outreach program

School of Culture, Media and Society, 1st year

The outreach program was fun and exceeded my expectations.

First of all, the reason I participated was that I wanted to convey that understanding different cultures and interacting with foreigners are very interesting. Another major reason is that I was very interested in the content of the program and wanted to deepen my own understanding of different cultures.

For the lesson, my partner and I created PowerPoint slides before the lesson plan. By creating specific slides that are actually used in the lesson before making an abstract lesson plan, it was easier to adjust the lesson so that it fits in time, and it was easier for us to come up with ideas. We were able to work efficiently. The preparation for the program was not just work and practice for the lesson; it was also a fun time to talk with my partner, get to know each other and understand another culture. After the program, I felt lonely because I didn’t talk on Zoom regularly with my international student partner.

On the day of the lesson, the students of Nishi-Nakano Elementary School were cheerful and welcomed us warmly, so I was able to get over my anxiety, and we were able to make our presentation normally. Above all, I was happy to hear the students say “It was fun!” “Come to see again!” and I was glad that I did my best. I was happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful program.

Since then, I have been getting along well with my international student partner. I am really grateful to have as a friend an international student whom I have few opportunities to encounter in my daily life. I will continue to cherish this connection.

The outreach program was fun and exceeded my expectations. I would like for many people to participate in it. Thank you very much!


Report from her partner Ms. Gibbons : “Great experience, teaching and being taught

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Fri, 13 Nov 2020

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