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Event Report: A great experience, teaching and being taught 

By Rebecca Gibbons
School of International Liberal Studies

   For the presentation of the ICC outreach program, I was introduced to a student partner, and we started early and proceeded with the preparation. My father is from England and my mother from the Netherlands. I thought the Netherlands might be less well-known than the UK for elementary school students, so I wanted to talk about the Netherlands. 

   Because of COVID-19, the preparation and the lesson were different than usual, but I enjoyed talking with my partner on Zoom and had an interesting conversation. Then, we made a good presentation. I was able to find some interesting points from a different view point about the country in which I was born. I tried to imagine the different view point by thinking about the usual things for me that are not the usual in Japan. 

   Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the presentation was only 20 minutes and we couldn’t present as much content, but I’m happy because my partner showed interest. I think the experience of going to Nishi-Nakano Elementary School that day was wonderful. 

   Of course, the most enjoyable thing was meeting my partner in person for the first time on the day of the program. We were excited together waiting for our presentation. The students played a brass band song for us. It was a surprisingly wonderful performance. When we made our presentation, the elementary school students were so excited for our quiz. I felt the energy of the children and it was really fun.

   The teachers and students of Nishi-Nakano Elementary School showed us great hospitality. This experience will never be forgotten. I recommend this program for those who want to make friends, have new experiences, and make good presentations. 


Report from her partner Ms. Fukuda: “Looking back on the outreach program

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Nishinakano Elementary School


Fri, 13 Nov 2020

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