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ICC United Kingdom Week: Scottish Night – Experience Scotland’s Traditional Culture (Nov.8)


Snow-capped mountains, serene lochs, rugged cliffs and pristine forests. Scotland is known for it`s thriving wildlife and amazing landscapes. Deer, Puffins, Golden Eagles and Beavers can all be found. The old, historic and beautiful capital of Edinburgh, famous for its Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Edinburgh Castle, is contrasted by the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Glasgow located in southwest area, famous for its live music scene.

At the ICC, we are giving you the rare chance to experience and learn the culture of Scotland  with a focus on  music, dance and language.

There will be a presentation by a Scottish student discussing Scotland’s history and traditions. Additionally, there will be a mini Gaelic language lesson, giving you the opportunity to learn a little about the native language of Scotland, and enjoy Gaelic music. You will also have a chance to experience a Scottish dance called a ‘Ceilidh’ where all the participants can see the demonstration and enjoy dancing together in small groups. A Ceilidh is held at weddings and at other important events and it is integral to learn the fun part of Scottish culture.

In the finale, we will also be joined by Tokyo Pipe Band Director Atsushi Yamane for a short bagpipe performance, where he will play Auld Lang Syne (known as Hotaru no Hikari in Japanese) to conclude the event. Come along to the ICC’s Scottish Night and experience the delights of this small but warm and welcoming country!

1. Presentation by a Scottish student about Scottish history and traditions
2. Gaelic language introduction and song performance
3. Scottish Ceilidh dance and workshop by Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society – Tokyo Branch
4. Mini Scottish bagpipe performance by Bagpipe performer, Mr. Atsushi Yamane

【Date & Time : November 8th (Fri) 2019, 6:15pm-7:45pm (Doors Open: 6:00pm)】
【Place : Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg 25)】
【Eligibility: Waseda Students, Staff, General Public】
【Language: English & Japanese】
【Fee: Free】
【Registration: Not Required】
【Capacity: 80 seats (Standing room available)】

◆Special Guests◆

★Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society (RSCDS) – Tokyo Branch
The first Japanese branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Tokyo Branch, was established in 1984 and will be celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.
At present, there are 243 members (78 of which are headquarter certified instructors). Monthly classes are held at different levels to facilitate exchange among members and with the aim to spread the art of Scottish Country Dancing and to develop the dance skills.
The society organises a new year party and social dances several times a year. Every spring, they hold a training camp which offers members various opportunities to learn and improve their dancing, such as inviting instructors from overseas. We also invite an examiner from the headquarters, and conduct the certified instructor examination.

★Gaelic Language Lecturer: The Japan-Scotland Society “Gaelic Language Society”
Like all members and directors of NPO Japan-Scotland Society, those in the Gaelic Language Society share a love for Scotland and study the Gaelic language. Through this study, they can immerse themselves in Scottish Culture.

★Bagpipe performer, Mr. Atsushi Yamane
Director of NPO Japan Scotland Society and representative of the Tokyo Pipe Band. He was part of the Tokyo Piping Society when he was in university. The Tokyo Pipe Band was founded in the 1890s and has participated in many oversea competitions. They also did welcome performances when Ireland’s Ambassador of Music; The Chieftans, and Spanish Galician musician, Carlos Nunez came to visit Japan, also appeared in Music TV Programs and Educational TV Programs on NHK. Mr. Yamane received a qualification as an instructor at Glasgow College of Piping, and currently acts as the band’s leader and instructor. With the development of the internet, it is easier to get instruments and musical scores these days, however, to perform the music, the foundations should be cherished. Alongside his Scottish style instruction and performance, he continues to spread “real” Scottish culture.

The Japan-Scotland Society
Scottish Development International
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Tokyo Branch

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