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ICC Talk session:Cultural Diversity in Japan! -The Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan- Guest: Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa (Professor of Chiba University and Ainu Researcher)


The plan for this talk session began with one of ICC`s student staff from Indonesia believing that Japan is a completely homogenous society.

After 3 years in Waseda, he became aware that there are indigenous and ethnic minority groups including Ainu. So as a student from Indonesia, a nation composed of people from many different ethnicities and cultures, he thought that there could be other Waseda Students like him who are somewhat aware of these groups and want to know more about them.

Recently, a manga titled “Golden Kamuy” (Weekly Young Jump, Shueisha) where Ainu people take center stage has become very popular and Ainu people’s way of living has been introduced in TV dramas. This exposure has increased the amount of attention given to Ainu culture. Most of the Ainu people live in the Hokkaido region, and they have their own unique culture and language. Unfortunately since the 19th Century their population has decreased significantly, and consequently their unique language and culture have quickly become on the verge of being lost.

These days we often hear the word “diversity” on campus, which normally is understood and discussed in the context of globalization. Since there is so much attention being paid to cultural diversity these days, would you like to learn more about the culture of Japan and its own cultural diversity through our talk session on Ainu people?

As our guest speaker, we have invited Mr. Nakagawa Hiroshi, a Professor at Chiba University who researches and educates about Ainu language and culture and has been the Ainu language supervisor for the “Golden Kamuy” manga since it was first published.

Come and do not miss this rare opportunity!

Date & Time

October 2, 2019 (Wed), 6:15pm-7:45pm (doors open 6:00pm)


Waseda University Ono Memorial Hall (B2F, Bldg. 27)


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public


Talk in Japanese, Q&A Session in Japanese and English




Not Required

Guest Profile

Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa

Professor of the Chiba University Faculty of Letters. Was enrolled in the doctoral program in linguistics, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology and Faculty of Letters, the University of Tokyo. Recipient of Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Award for research on Ainu language and culture in “The Dictionary of Ainu: Chitose Dialect” (Sofukan, 1995). Ainu language supervisor for Noda Satoru’s “Golden Kamuy” since its first publication. Author of “Ainu no Monogatari Sekai” (Heibonsha Library), “Katariau Kotoba no Chikara” (Iwanami Shoten), “Ainu Bunka de Yomutoku ‘Golden Kamuy'” (Shueisha Shinsho) and many more.





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Waseda University Ono Memorial Hall (B2F, Bldg. 27)


Fri, 23 Aug 2019

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