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【Sign Up Period: Jun.26 – Jul. 24】ICC Japan-China-Korea: Speak Your Mind Camp @ Kamogawa – Share your true feelings – (Aug. 8 – Aug. 10)

ICC’s highly popular Speak Your Mind Camp is back! And this time we’ll be bringing together students from 3 East Asian countries: Japan, China & Korea!

Out of the roughly 5,000 international students at Waseda, almost 70 percent are from China and Korea. This provides an excellent opportunity for students from all 3 countries to interact and get to know each other better. These 3 countries have close diplomatic relations and intertwined histories dating far back. In recent years however, it is pop-culture that has become a major medium for exchange among young people in these nations.

On the other hand, due to their cultural and geographical proximity, each country has a variety of stakes and interests, and so along with friendship, friction is also a part of their relationship. Especially with the recent territorial issues.

For those interested in trilateral relations, the ICC will hold a 3-day exchange camp at Kamogawa seminar house where students can share their true opinions with one another on a variety of issues. Set aside any negative sentiments, think about the future together, and say what’s on your mind as you relax in the mountains.


Date and Time

Aug. 8 (Tue) – 10 (Thur), 2017 (3 days & 2 nights). Meet and end at Waseda University


Waseda University Kamogawa Seminar House


Waseda students with an interest in Japanese, Chinese and Korean relations


5,000 yen (The ICC is already subsidizing half the cost). Cost includes bus from Waseda campus to Kamogawa seminar house, returning bus from Kamogawa seminar house to Waseda campus, 6 meals and 2 night stays in the seminar house. Cost does not cover first day’s lunch and other personal expenses


Mainly in Japanese. During the discussion, it is okay to include some English as needed


Apply from MyWaseda: [Application forms and Questionnaires] – [Fill Out Application Forms] – [ICC日中韓ホンネ交流キャンプ(8/8~8/10) / ICC Field Trip: Japan-China-Korea: Speak Your Mind Camp (Aug. 8 – Aug. 10)]


July 24 (Mon), 9:00am


40 students. In the event of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held. Results of the application will be announced on July 24 (Mon) by email

*Applicants selected for participation are required to complete payment by July 26 (Wed). Details will be sent to selected participants. Please be aware that after payment of fees, certain portions of the cost may not be refundable due to bookings and arrangements with a third party.

*Selected participants should fill in the following file with their reasons for application by July 31 (Mon):

Point of Caution

In principle, cancellation after applying is not accepted. Please check your schedule carefully before applying.
Cancellation Policy:

Schedule (tentative, subject to change due to weather and traffic)
Aug. 8 (Tue) Bring your own lunch. Dinner included

8:40am:    Meet at Waseda Campus in front of the Okuma Auditorium
9:00am:    Departure. Take a bus to Kamogawa seminar house
Afternoon: Ice-breaker, Intercultural discussion, Sports
Evening: Ice-breaker, Speak your mind discussion: Rule-making

Aug. 9 (Wed) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included

Morning: Ice-breaker, Themed discussion, Image wall
Afternoon: Post-it Discussion, Sports
Evening: Speak your mind discussion: Island Talk

Aug. 10 (Thur) Breakfast and lunch included

Morning: Sports, Discussion summary
Afternoon: Departure. Take a bus and return to Waseda campus

*For those who wish, we will be able to bring you to the nearest train station (Awakamogawa Sta.) and let you finish at there. However, the transportation fee for returning bus will not be refunded, and you will have to pay for your way home by yourself.【Return Transport Options: Express Train: About 2hrs to Tokyo sta. Costs about 3,600 yen, Ordinary Train: About 3hrs to Tokyo sta. Costs around 2,200 yen】

Camp Rules

1. Say what’s really on your mind and what you truly think about East-Asian relations.

2. Communicate while respecting the other person’s culture and being considerate of their feelings.

3. Talk about your personal experiences and what is close to you rather than distant governmental issues.

4. Focus on individual opinions rather than generalizations.

5. Don’t end your discussion with a general comment like “That’s indeed a difficult question”. Rather, share your true feelings and ideas with others in a sincere and constructive manner.

Past Participants’ Voice




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Waseda University Kamogawa Seminar House


Wed, 21 Jun 2017

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