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【Sign Up Period: Apr. 26 – May 16!】ICC’s Outreach Program @Waseda University Junior High School (June 9 & 16)

I’m interested in teaching about my culture!
I’m thinking of teaching after graduation!
I want to try a volunteer activity!
I want to make new Japanese friends!
I like kids!

If any of these sound like you, then the ICC Outreach program is for you!

The ICC Outreach Program pairs Japanese and international students to work together to create a lesson plan for a class meant to promote
cross-cultural understanding. The lessons are then given at local Japanese elementary, junior, and senior high schools to help foster intercultural understanding among school students.

Details of the program will be explained by the ICC at an orientation.
Afterward, you and your partner will meet and work together to prepare the lesson plan until the day of the school visit.


Outreach Program Introduction Video


School: Waseda University Junior High School (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

Date 1:  June 9 (Thur) 12:50 – 4:00pm

【Class】    3rd grade junior high school students (100mins)
【Capacity】    4 International students & 4 Japanese students

Date 2: June 16 (Thur) 12:50 – 4:00pm

【Class】    2nd grade junior high school students (100mins)
【Capacity】    4 International students & 4 Japanese students


★Students can apply to attend just one visit day or both!
By attending both Outreach visit days you can make more effective use of the lesson plan you have created by sharing it with more students!


Meet at 12:50 pm @ Kamishakujii Station, Seibu Shinjuku Line
(Depart by 12:35 pm from Takadanobaba station)
Content Introduce your country and culture
(Create and practice a lesson plan together with your partner, then carry it out at the school)
Eligibility Waseda Students who are able to participate in all the meetings and
the actual school visit and perform required duties.
Application Register online from MyWaseda:
“MyWaseda”→ ”Applications Forms and Questionnaires”→ ”Fill Out Application Forms”
→”【ICCアウトリーチ・プログラム6月・ICC Outreach Program June】”
Deadline May 23 (Mon) 9:00am, results announced on the same day
*Be sure to check your email throughout the day on this date if you apply.
Schedule May  26 (Thur)     12:20-12:50pm     Orientation @ ICC Lounge (1F Bldg.3)
June  2 (Thur)     12:20-12:50pm     Lesson Plan Review Meeting @ ICC Lounge
June  9 (Thur)     12:50-4:00pm    School visit 1
June 16 (Thur)     12:50-4:00pm    School visit 2*Participation is required at all meetings.
*In addition to the above meetings, it is necessary to meet several times
with your assigned partner in order to plan, prepare, and practice the lesson.
*On June 2nd, ICC will be sending the PowerPoint files you submitted to the school.
So please make sure you finish making your PPT file by this date.
Class materials, transportation fee Transportation expenses and lesson plan materials (paper, color copies, etc) will be provided by the ICC.
Selection Participants will be decided after considering your reasons for applying, and also according to the details/requests from the host schools.
Participant responsibility Although this is a volunteer program, participants will be teaching a class at a scheduled time and school, and so dropping out of the program or being late is not acceptable.

Participant Experiences

Japan’s and My Own Culture with Eyes Toward the Future Visiting an elementary school in Tokyo (English article)
Japanese student’s perspective on Outreach (Japanese language only)


TEL: 03-5286-3990           E-mail: [email protected]

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Waseda University Junior High School (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)


Wed, 27 Apr 2016

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