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2020年度秋学期の日本語科目について/Regarding the Japanese Language Courses in Fall Semester of 2020.

The university has determined that some courses will be in the classroom in fall semester. However, Center for Japanese Language (CJL) has decided that all courses offered by CJL will be conducted online throughout the whole semester for the reasons below.

We need to consider students who may receive a disadvantage because they cannot commute to campus.

We need to reserve classrooms which avoid 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings) (maximum capacity of classroom should be 1/4 of regular class size). However, it is

difficult to reserve these classrooms at and around the building 22.

It may be possible that we could have classroom courses in the beginning. However, we may need to switch from classroom courses to online courses depending on the COVID-19 situation, and it is

difficult to do it in the middle of the semester.

For how the Japanese Language Courses will be conducted online, please check by Web Syllabus from September 1st.

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