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Services at the CJL Office(5.8 Updated)


As a preventive measure for COVID-19, Center for Japanese Language office changes some service for visitors as follows:


【在留更新の手続きについて/Consultation or Issue the Documents for Student VISA】

キャンパス立入禁止期間の解除、継続に関わらず、5 月 31 日まで窓口での在留手続き を一時停止する予定です。 ​
Regardless of reopening or continuing the off-limits of the campuses, ​
over-the-counter services for issues related to residency will be suspended until May 31. ​
If you have questions about residency applications, please contact CJL office by email.​
メールアドレス/Email address:[email protected]


【証明書の申込み・発行について/Application & Issue of Certificate】


※We accept the application for issue of transcripts via mail ONLY.


■代理人による証明書申込み/Application for Certificate by Proxy Person)


When your proxy person applies for transcripts, we accept application via mail ONLY.

Please see “Apply by Domestic Mail” and apply for certificate(s).​



After the university opens:

■在学証明書、成績証明書、GPA証明書などは自動証明書発行機にて発行してください。(参照JLPハンドブック P.36, 37)

自動証明書発行機設置場所:7号館1階 ポータルオフィス付近、14号館1階ロビーなど

■Certificate of Enrollment Duration, Transcript of Academic Record,

Transcript of Academic record/GPA

(Ref: p36-p37 “Japanese Language Program Handbook 2020”)

Please issue by yourself with Certificate issuing machine.

Location of certificate issuing machines:

・1st floor near potal office of 7theBuilding/Roby on the 1st floor of 14th Building

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