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【Important】Regarding Online courses

Greetings from Center for Japanese Language.

As President Tanaka announced about administrative matters for spring 2020 Semester on Apr2nd, we Center for Japanese Language are going to carry out our Japanese language course as follows.

1.Course Period

May 11th(Mon.)~Aug 1st(Sat.) 12 weeks

2. How the courses will be conducted.
All Japanese language courses offered by Center for Japanese Language will be conducted online throughout the whole semester. No courses will be conducted in the classrooms.

3. How to attend courses
Web syllabus of each course will be updated sequentially so please check it frequently.
Also, once your registration is determined, you can contact the teacher of your registered course via Waseda Moodle.
Web syllabus:
Waseda Moodle Manual:

As what is written in yesterday’s announcement, in order to take online classes, you will need some prior preparation. For more details and instructions, kindly refer to the website below.

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