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Research Project

At Waseda University’s Center for Japanese Language, we have started theoretical and practical research projects and a research group, and are carrying out a range of research activity, all with the aim of contributing to the development of the Japanese language and Japanese language education.


Research Project

  • The development of ‘TSUTAERU HATSUON’ on-line materials for the learning of JSL pronunciation
  • Development of Level Check Test for Japanese Language Learners in CJL


Research Project

  • Developing Beginner E-learning Materials for Use with On-demand Lectures
  • Development of Level Check Test for Japanese Language Learners in CJL


Research Project

  • Understanding Japanese Language Proficiency from the Use of Can-do statements:Aiming at its Practical Use
  • Analysis of Kanji Components for Education based on Kanji Proficiency Examinations
  • The development of a learner autonomy support system for Japanese pronunciation
  • Systematic design of Japanese themed courses for international students’ employment placement support
  • Exploring New Teaching and Learning Approaches and their Respective Course Developments in Japanese Language Education
  • The Course Development for Language Learning Advising to Support Autonomy
  • The Development of the Teacher Training Program Utilizing Teaching Portfolio
  • Development of Japanese Language Learning through On-Demand Lectures and Web Conferences
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