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【9/27開催】University of WashingtonのDr. Wei Zuoによるワークショップ開催のお知らせ

The University of Washingtonより次席研究員として大総研に嘱任されたDr.Wei Zuoは、「How to Successfully Work with International Students?」をテーマとしてワークショップを開催します。


How to Successfully Work with International Students?

Over the last decade many universities have experienced an increase in the number of international students. In the context of globalization in higher education, although we often hear that these students’ academic experiences differ from those in their home countries, rarely do we get to hear in-depth accounts from students about their own learning experiences. In this faculty Cafe, Dr. Wei Zuo will showcase her research and findings working with international students at the University of Washington, USA. We will also reflect on how to successfully work with international students, explore strategies for engaging international and all students in the context of teaching and learning.

In this café our interactive discussion will focus on three questions:
●What strategies might you use to help your international students feel welcome in your classrooms/offices/campus spaces?
●As an instructor, how could you create equitable class participation, group work, and/or assessment practices?
●What strategies might you use to help your students succeed academically?

◆Date and Time: Friday, Sep 27, 2019, 18:00-20:00
18:00-19:30 workshop held by Dr. Wei Zuo(coffee and sweets are available)
19:30-20:00 Networking event with a light meal
We hope that you will take this opportunity to interact with other faculty members from different departments and universities together with Dr. Wei.

◆Venue: Building 26 Room 1102, Waseda Campus
◆Who: Teaching staff at university
◆Speaker: Wei Zuo (Ph.D.)
Instructional Consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Washington
Visiting Researcher at the Center for Higher Education Studies (CHES), Waseda University


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