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★会場変更→7-310★【7/31開催】Harvard Medical Schoolの教員より「Student Engagement」について- 第3回Faculty Café開催のお知らせ

Faculty Café

2019年度、第3回のFaculty Cafeは、Harvard Medical SchoolよりGavin Porter先生をお招きし、「Increasing Student Engagement with Assigned Reading: Annotation, Crowdsourcing, and Redaction」をテーマとして開催します。


Increasing student engagement with assigned reading: annotation, crowdsourcing, and redaction

All teachers want their students to complete the relevant readings prior to coming to class, but students’ resistance to do so has been a persistent problem.

Are you aware of the typical assigned reading completion rates identified in the education research literature? What strategies can help increase reading completion and depth of engagement? How can the teacher harness the collective “power of the crowd” in a course?

In this café we will discuss reading uptake norms and how annotation platforms can serve as a way to encourage student reading by transforming it from a solitary to a collective activity. New avenues for research using annotation platforms will be considered. We will also explore other strategies, such as redaction, for engaging students in the reading of primary research articles.

  • Date and Time: 16:00~17:30, Wednesday July 31st, 2019
  • Venue: 310 at Building 7, Waseda Campus
  • Who: Teaching staffs at Waseda
  • Speaker: Gavin Porter (Ph.D.)
    Lecturer and Curriculum Fellow at Harvard Medical School

For detail, please refer to our Event Flyer.

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