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【Dec. 17th, 2019】 Faculty Café Vol.7: Technology as a Tool for Collaboration in the Global Classroom

Faculty Café Vol. 7

Our next Faculty Café will be held on December 17th, by 2 faculty members from School of International Liberal Studies (SILS). They will share their teaching experience in the Global classroom, using ICT tools.
We look forward to meeting you at our next Café!

  • Workshop title: Technology as a Tool for Collaboration in the Global Classroom
  • Date: Tue., Dec. 17th, 2019
  • Venue: 7-309, Bldg.7, Waseda Campus
  • Application form: ⇒
  • Timetable: 18:00 to 20:00
    18:00 Doors Open
    18:05 to 18:15 Introduction
    18:15 to 19:15 Hands-on Workshop: “Technology as a Tool for Collaboration in the Global Classroom”
    19:15 to 19:30 Q&A
    19:30 – closing Networking (snacks and drinks will be provided)
  • Faculty Café Flyer
Millennial students or so-called “digital natives”, regardless of which country they come from, spend lots of hours on their devices, which gives instructors the perfect opportunity to generate shared experiences. We can use technology as the stepping stone to get students from different cultures and backgrounds to come together and learn from one another while enriching the classroom. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution; however, choosing the right tools can certainly help in the global classroom. Many tools and apps can be used to enhance collaboration and interaction between students and students and teachers. Because technologies are now always available to users, we need to thoughtfully choose the tools and make sure they will enhance the classroom rather interfere with it. In this hands-on workshop, while showcasing their research findings, Dr. Tran and Mrs. Lopez Bravo will share some of the tools that have proven to be successful in their teaching practice.

Speakers’ Bio:

Dr. Phuong Tran, Assistant Professor at Waseda University, has taught English and Self-directed Learning courses in Austria, Japan and Vietnam for nearly nine years. Her research investigates the development of learner autonomy through social interaction and networking in language learning settings. She has already written a number of academic articles and book chapters in applied linguistics.
Marcela Lopez Bravo holds Master Degrees in Linguistics and in Asian Studies from Florida International University and is currently a full time Research Associate at Waseda University. For the past ten years, she has taught in the US and Japan a variety of innovative interdisciplinary courses to international students. Her research includes virtual reality applied to teaching literature and content courses for which she has been given awards.


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