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Professor MAKINO Shoji


  • Dr. of Engineering (Tohoku University)
  • Challenge to submit your results to international conferences, discuss with your friends in the world, and enjoy your research activity!
    My hobbies include walking, traveling, skiing, and diving.
  • WASEDA University Researchers Database
  • Email : s.makino(at)
    *Swap “(at)” with “@”


Intelligent Acoustic  Systems

How do humans listen to speech, music, and environmental sounds?
We listen with two ears and understand with the brain. How can we realize this mechanism by computers? Through the research on acoustic signal processing, you can learn various skills that will help you in the real life. Also, you can improve your knowledge and resourcefulness, and open up your future,

  • Blind Source Separation
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Acoustic Scene Analysis
  • Acoustic Signal Processing

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