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Associate Professor KAKITSUKA Takaaki


  • Dr. of Engineering (Kyushu University)
  • We are studying semiconductor lasers and their information communication applications. Photonics is advancing in various fields, where you can make use of a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Let’s create “shining” technologies together!
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  • Email : t.kakitsuka(at)
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Light Emitting Systems

Photonics technologies have sustained progress of information society via various information communication system applications such as optical communication, sensing, and measurements. They have high expectations for environmentally friendly information-communication and advanced information processing. Recently, low-power-consumption optical data transmission and high-performance computing using a photonic neural network are attracting attention. Our laboratory studies novel light-emitting systems and information processing circuits consisting of optical components including laser diodes. We will develop photonic circuit design to propose novel devices and systems.

  • Semiconductor Lasers and Light Emitting Devices
  • Optical Circuits Design
  • Nanophotonics
  • Optical Signal Processing

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