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Associate Professor IKEHASHI Tamio


  • Doctor of Science (University of Tokyo)
  • Let’s research together on MEMS, which are applied in various sensors and actuators. My hobby is jogging, road-bike and driving.
  • WASEDA University Researchers Database
  • Email : t.ikehashi(at)
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Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems

We are studying on MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), which utilizes micron-sized mechanical elements. To date, various MEMS devices are commercialized, such as accelerometers and pressure sensors. Importance of MEMS will be enhancing in the IoT era, in which tremendous numbers of low cost and small sized sensors are used.

In our laboratory, researches on MEMS are done from various perspectives. For example, we are trying to make sensors not yet realized by MEMS technology. We also try to improve the accuracy of MEMS sensors using signal processing technologies. Application systems of IoT is also investigated with the use of commercial MEMS sensors. MEMS resonators have advantage in achieving high Q, thanks to its mechanical origin. We are thinking that this property can be utilized to improve the performance of ICs.

  • MEMS sensors (mode-localized sensors, vibration sensors, gyros, flow sensors)
  • MEMS application systems
  • MEMS-IC systems


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