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How to make a reservation for sports facilities

If you wish to use sports facilities (Gym, Ground,Tennis court), you have to make a reservation. Reservation is divided into four period. Please make a reservation in each term.

1st term April to July
2nd term August to September
3rd term October to December
4th term January to March

How to apply

  1. Please ask the availability to IPS office. You can not make a reservation within 1 week. If you would like to make a reservation within 1 week, Please see ‘how to make a reservation on the day of use’.
  2. After making a reservation, Download “Application for using a facility” and “Name List”from IPS Square and fill out the form in Japanese. (*Please refer to the sample to fill it out.)
  3. Submit “Application for using a facility” and “Name List” to IPS Office before the reservation request date. (by e-mail)
    Email address :  [email protected]
    Please note that application form must be submitted on the business day of IPS office.


The application form must be sent by the Team leader.

Result of reservation

  • Reserved
    IPS office will email to your Waseda email address as soon as a permit is ready.
  • Un-Reserved
    If it’s not available, IPS office will email to your Waseda email address. Please reschedule the date and time you want to use.

On the reservation day, please present a permit to the staff in Gym.


  1. Present a permit to manager office in gymnasium before you use Gym, Ground or Tennis court.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Fill out the form in Japanese language.

How to make a reservation on the day of use

IPS office cannot accept your application on the day of use and within 1 week. If you wish to use the facilities on the day, please visit manager office in gymnasium after confirming the availability. You may be able to use the facility.(Campus Card is required.)
*You don’t need to submit “Application for using a facility” and ”Name List”to IPS Office.


You have to book sports facilities (gym, ground, tennis court) in HIBIKINO in advance if you want to use them. You can’t use them without permission notice even though it seems that nobody is using there. Please make sure how to book sports facilities. Only the case of using on the day, if sports facilities isn’t booked, you can use them with permission of a staff in a gym. Please ask a staff in the gym at first whether there is a reservation. Anyway, you can’t use sports facilities without permission. Please keep having good manners when you use the public facilities.

How to cancel sports facilities reservation

Application Form

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