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How to cancel sports facilities reservation

If you don’t use the facility on the date of your reservation, you HAVE TO submit “Reservation Cancellation Form” in advance. Please make sure to observe the rule.

Cancellation beforehand

  1. Download “Reservation Cancellation Form” and fill it out.
  2. Send completed “Reservation Cancellation Form” to IPS Office by Email immediately.

Cancellation on the day and when IPS office is close

  1. Make a phone call to Gymnasium Management Room and tell them about the cancel. (093-695-3130)
  2. After the phone call, Send completed  “Reservation Cancellation Form” to IPS Office by email.

Cancel the booking of the ground and tennis court due to bad weather

Call to Gymnasium Management Room to tell him/her about cancel before the time you should play.(093-695-3130)

*You don’t need to submit “Reservation Cancellation Form” to IPS office. However, if you don’t call before the time you should play, you have to submit“Reservation Cancellation Form”later.

Cancellation Form

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