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Waseda University Compensation programs

Waseda University has compensation programs as follows.

GAKUSHOHO (The injury and Accident Compensation Program for Waseda Students)

During following activities, if you injure, remain impaired or die in a freak accident, this compensation program will make your financial burden as light as possible.

Eligible activities

  1. During regular-curriculum activities
  2. During University Events
  3. While inside a University facilities
  4. During extracurricular activities approved by University ← The internship belongs to this.
  5. While commuting to or from University
  6. While traveling between university facilities

 How to apply

Only in the case of No.4, The form for GAKUSHOHO (Attached file bellow: 【学傷補GAKUSHOHO】課外活動申請書 Application form)have to be submitted to IPS Office by 7 days before that activity starts.

On the occurrence of the accident

Within 30 days after the accident happened, ”GAKUSHOHO Application for Injury Compensations” must be submitted to Student Affairs Section. So, please let IPS Office know as soon as the accident happened. We will give you the required documents to submit.

GAKUBAIHO (The Liability Protection Program for Waseda Students)

Under the activities Waseda University approve, if you injure person or damage to other person’s property, this program will compensate the person for the damage legally.

Eligible activities

  1. Internship
  2. Practice teaching
  3. Volunteer activity
  4. Activities outside a curriculum
    *But excluding the accident happened on the way to the activity place.

How to apply

You must submit the form for GAKUBAIHO (Attached file bellow:【学賠補GAKUBAIHO】活動届出書 Application form.pdf) to IPS Office before your activity start.

On the occurrence of the accident

Please let IPS Office know as soon as the accident happened. We will give you the required documents to submit.

Please apply as follows if you would like. If you would like to know about the amount for compensation or exempted accidents, Please see the Website of Student Affairs Section.

Application Form

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