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Associate Professor TAKAHATA Kiyoto

takahata kiyoto 2017Introduction

  • Dr. of Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Let’s make together a study on integration of LSI’s and optical devices which will support the future society. I like playing sports and traveling.
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  • Email : k.takahata(at)
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Opto-electronic integrated circuit

Takahata research img_engIn recent years, the traffic on the Internet have been rapidly increasing with a wide spread of smartphones and video services. To handle such a large amount of data traffic, we should increase the Towards the resolution of these important issues, we study, for example, compact optical transceivers for high-speed optical communication systems and microwave photonic devices for mobile network systems, based on opto-electronic integration technology that combines LSI’s and optical devices.

  • Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuits
  • Optical Semiconductor Devices
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Microwave Photonics

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