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Professor OGAI Harutoshi

oogai harutoshi 2017Introduction

  • Dr. of Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Research target is an innovational control technology for production processes. I love walking and reading books especially Chinese classics.
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  • Email : ogai(at)
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Process Control

05chProcess modeling and Jave-based process simulator for some large scale processes or complex processes are researched to make process analysis and optimal control. For example, a blast furnace is a complicated and nonlinear process. The process analysis and operational guidance are researched by ICA(Independent Component Analysis), LOM(Large scale data on-line modeling), SOG(Simulation based on-line guidance). Advanced control methods are researched by control theory, optimization theory, hybrid control theory. SoC(System on Chip) research for process analysis, process guidance, and control is done. Others are Automotive control, for example, engine control and drive control. Bridge diagnosis by sensor network is a new attractive and important theme.

  • Process Control
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Analysis and Simulation
  • Bridge Diagnosis
  • Automotive Control
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