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Professor TATSUMI Kohei


  • Doktor-Ingenieur(RWTH Aachen)
  • The focus of my interest is the area of interconnections of materials, technologies, fields and human.
  • WASEDA University Researchers Database
  • Email : tatsumi.kohei(at)
    *Swap “(at)” with “@”


Advanced Materials

08chMaterials technology is a key in engineering field to support the social infrastructure from information and telecommunication to construction, energy, environment, and welfare. The development of new materials plays also an important role in driving forth the advancement of the scientific and technological front. We especially appropriate the focus to the development of new materials and material interconnections in the electronics field:

  1. Interconnecting materials and technologies for semiconductor and optoelectronics devices.
  2. Crystal defect control of semiconductor materials to enable improvement of the energy conversion efficiency in solar cell as well as power electronics devices etc.
  • Semiconductor Packaging Materials and Technologies
  • Electronics Materials
  • Microstructure in Crystalline Materials
  • Materials Engineering for Energy and Environment Field

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