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Professor YOSHIMASU Toshihiko



High-Frequence Circuits

09chOur interests are a fully integrated RF chip for high frequency communications. It is our first objective to improve key components such as transistors and spiral inductors for RF(1-3 GHz) circuits. To this end, using electromagnetic simulation, new transistor and spiral inductor structures are being designed and constructed to operate over the frequency range of our interest. Next, accurate models for the transistors and spiral inductors are constructed for the circuit simulation. The circuit simulator employs a harmonic balance technique. RF circuits such as a low noise amplifier and VCO are being designed using these models. After designing all the required RF circuits we will construct a fully integrated RF chip for wired and wireless communications.

  • High Frequency IC (RFIC) Design Methodology
  • Analogue IC Design Methodology
  • High Frequency Device Modeling and Measurement Technique
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