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2月1日【SGU・現政研船木部会・金子部会共催】セミナー開催案内(Kline先生) / 【TGU・WINPEC】Joint Seminar (Prof. Kline)


SGU・現政研船木部会・金子部会共催】セミナー開催案内(Kline先生) / TGUWINPECJoint Seminar (Prof. Kline)


【日時 / Date201821日(木)Feb.1st, 2018   16:3018:00

【場所 / Venue3号館10階第1会議室 Conference Room 1 on the 10th floor of Building 3 (Waseda Campus)

【対象/ Audience】教職員・研究員・学部生、院生 Professors, staff, researchers, and all students

【司会者 / Chair】金子 守(早稲田大学) Mamoru KanekoWaseda University

【報告者 / SpeakersJeffrey Kline (University of Queensland)

【タイトル / TitleFrom Memories to Inductively Derived Views: A Constructive Approach

【要旨 / Abstract

Inductive Game Theory (IGT) was developed to study the emergence of the subjective views of various individuals in a recurrent social situation. We define a constructive process (CDP) to express the inferences made in obtaining an inductively derived view (i.d.view). We explore restrictions on the allowed inferences and the associated implications regarding the set of i.d.views obtained under these restrictions. We argue that CDP’s facilitate the exploration of bounded rationality in interactive settings.

【担当教員 / Organizers】金子 守、船木 由喜彦(早稲田大学) Mamoru Kaneko, Yukihiko FunakiWaseda University

【言語 / Language】英語English



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